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Charpy Projector (CST-50)
Author:管理员  Source:济南泰思特  AddTime:2012年5月30日  ClickNUM:4322

Application & Features:

It is designed according to the request of impact sample gap in GB/T229-2007 “Metal Charpy Impact Test Method”. It is an important special testing instrument to test if the impact sample gap is eligible. According to optical projection principle, the machine compare the impact sample U type gap or V type gap to standard map and judge if the sample is eligible. The operation is simple, direct, high efficient. So it is necessary testing instrument to machining the impact sample.

Main Technical Specifications:

Magnification: 50×

Projector screen size: Ф200mm

Table displacement: vertical ±10mm, horizontal ±10mm, up and down ±12mm

Rotate range of table: 0~360°

Light: halogen and tungsten 12V、100W

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