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Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
Author:管理员  Source:济南泰思特  AddTime:2012年5月30日  ClickNUM:6049

(For Wire Rope and Anchor Chain Tensile Strength Test)

This series machine is specially used for tensile, breaking strength, destructive test of steel wire rope, cable. Designed specifically for wire, rope, and cable testing, this series uses a horizontal frame test opening to accommodate long specimens and high elongation demands. This machine adopts steel welded frame structure, and uses single-rod double-acting piston cylinder to provide loading force. cylindrical pin plug to mount specimen, and load cell to measure testing force. These test frames are powered by hydraulics for high strength testing and can be customized in length to meet a variety of application requirements. It can adjust the tensile space according to the length of specimen in test process. The software uses three closed loop servo enables testing at user-defined loading rates.

Main Technical Specifications:

1.     Max Load Capacity: 300kN, 600kN, 1000kN, 2000kN

2.     Range of Testing Force: 2%-100%

3.     Accuracy of Testing Force: ±1%

4.     Resolution of Testing Force: 1/200000

5.     Test Space (Piston Stroke is not included):1000-3000mm

6.     Piston Stroke (Travel): 100-500mm

7.     Range of Displacement measurement: 500mm

8.     Resolution of Displacement measurement:0.01mm

9.     Testing Speed: 0-60mm/min

10.  Height of work center: 350mm

11.  Force measurement mode: Load Cell

12.  Control mode: Computer automatically controlling test process, and computer can timely collect the testing parameters like loading force, stroke etc. It and  display, record, process and print the test results, and control test procedures as the set program and can draw test curves automatically in real time.

13.  Method of Specimen Clamping: Specially according to the specimen that customer provide.

14.  Test curve: Force-displacement, Force-time, Force-deformation, Stress-strain and so on.

15.    Three close loop control.

16.    Power supply: Three-phase, 380V, 50Hz

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