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Quenching Test Bench (DZ-6/9)
Author:管理员  Source:济南泰思特  AddTime:2012年5月30日  ClickNUM:4881
End quenching testing bench is used to material end quenching test in laboratory. The main body structure of machine adopts stainless steel bending into shape and welding. The water tank is independently welded and put into machine frame. The cooling water is auto-cycling from low position water tank to high position water tank using a stainless steel sinking pump, so the water utilization rate is good and no waste. The machine has 6 or 9 working positions and every working position can be separately operated.


    Work positions: 6 or 9 positions( which can be 12 position according to special need)

     Diameter of water nozzle: φ12mm

     Height of water column: 65±5mm ( which can be adjusted)

     Distance from water nozzle to sample end: 12.5mm ( which can be adjusted)

     Sample size: φ25×100

     Water supply method: pump supply and auto-cycling

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