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WAW-600Y (600kN) (2017-8-21 10:45:04)
WAW-600Y (600kN) Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing MachineBrief Instruction:Computer control El...
YAW-300C (300kN) (2017-8-17 13:56:45)
YAW-300C (300kN)Automatic Electronic Cement Compression Testing MachineApplication & Functions:The compression testi...
YAW-2000D (2000kN) (2017-8-17 11:27:33)
YAW-2000D(2000kN) Computer Control Full Automatic Compression Testing Machine(With Protection Cover)ApplicationsComputer...
WD-P4105 (100kN) Manual Clamping (2017-8-17 10:18:56)
WD-P4105 (100kN)Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine(Manual Clamping)Main functionsThis machine is suit...
WAW-1000Y (1000kN) (2014-6-28 11:12:23)
WAW-1000Y (1000kN) Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing MachineBrief InstructionComputer control E...
WD-P4504 (50kN) Manual Clamping (2014-6-28 11:01:27)
WD-P4504 (50kN)Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine (Manual Clamping) Main functionsThis mach...
GBW-60 (2012-5-30 13:49:34)
GBW-60 Computer Control Cupping (Erichsen) testing machineMain Applications:The cupping testing machine is used to test ...
WAW-300Y (2018-11-19 10:06:00)
Brief Instruction:Computer control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine adopts dou...
WD-P4305 (300kN) Hydraulic Clamping (2012-5-29 16:37:11)
WD-P4305 (300kN)Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine(Hydraulic Clamping)   Main function...
WAW-300Y (2018-11-19 9:50:28)
Brief InstructionComputer control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine adopts doub...
WD-P1503 (5KN) (2014-6-28 10:57:02)
WD-P1503 (5KN) Digital Display Electronic Tensile Testing Machine(Single Column)MainfunctionsWD-P1503 is suitablefor ten...
Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine (2014-6-28 10:39:02)
Type: WAL-5000Max Load: 5000KNRESOLUTION: 1%MAX STROKE: 350mmTENSILE SPACE: 650-1000mm...
Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine (2012-5-30 14:25:19)
(For Wire Rope and Anchor Chain Tensile Strength Test)This series machine is specially used for tensile, breaking s...
WD-P4504B (2012-5-30 14:21:50)
WD-P4504B Computer Control Corrogated Carton Compression Testing MachineMain ApplicationThe computer control corrugated ...
Steel Bar Bending and Rebending Testing Machine (GW-50B) (2012-5-30 13:53:52)
Application & Features:The steel bar bend testing machine can be used to do forward and backward bend test on plane....
Digital Electronic Torsion Testing Machine (TNS Series) (2012-5-30 13:39:13)
Applications & Functions:This torsion testing machines are mainly used for the torsion test of metal and non-metal m...
Electric Notch Broaching Machine for Impact Sample (CSL-B) (2012-5-30 13:33:01)
Application & Features:Impact sample gap/notch broaching machine is one of the facility to process regular sample ga...
WAW-600Y (600kN)
YAW-300C (300kN)
YAW-2000D (2000kN)
WD-P4105 (100kN) Manual Cl..
WAW-1000Y (1000kN)
WD-P4504 (50kN) Manual Cla..
WD-P1503 (5KN)
Horizontal Tensile Testing..
Horizontal Tensile Testing..
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